If you have managed to come across this page, you must be looking for some information on my novels. Very good, very good. The links below will take you through the portal of the internet to information on each novel. They are divided into two sections - current works and future works. Current works are novels that I am working on currently. This list will be smaller, but have more information on each of the novels. The future works section will include novels that are planned for the future. This may include novels that are somewhat written, but need to be finished, or novels that just have a really in-depth amount of planning behind them.

Please pardon the incompleteness of some of the information sections, certain books I have to be very careful what I give away, since they are in the same storyline as other books. I will also get a timeline of the stories up soon.

So, without further ado, here is the list of wonders! Items that actually have information are linked, while items that are lacking in the information department are not linked yet.

Current Works

Vicious Sun

Future Works (links will be added as more story information is available)

Age of the Fallen Moon
Eternal Stair
Final Saga
Dragon Dance
Heaven's Not Enough
Music From Another Room
Chronicle of Stars
Prizm Prism