This is a small gallery of works that I have created for my novels and for clients. For more information on a particular piece, click to expand the work in a lightbox gallery. For a full feature of my works, please visit my DeviantArt page. Sorry about the file size for some of these, my computer was not cooperating with downsizing the files.

thumbnail of Personal Logo thumbnail of Black and White Elemental Dragons thumbnail of Color Elemental Dragons thumbnail of Photoshop Stamp Project thumbnail of Illustrator Self Portrait.
thumbnail of Original Character Whimsy thumbnail of Illustrator Word Art Resonance. thumbnail of Illustrator Word Art Sacred. thumbnail of True Power
If you are interested in seeing my web design works, please visit or to view an example of my client works or visit to view a previous incarnation of this website.
thumbnail of Angelo Luppino Inc. Website. thumbnail of Sigma Tau Delta website
If you are interested in viewing my corporate identity project, please click this link to open a pdf file of the project.