Short Stories

No, the universe did not manage to just invert itself. Instead, this is the section of the website that contains reading materials, and there was a bit of a request by many people for a page that had dark text on a light background. So, instead of just inverting the box the text was in, I inverted the entire page :D

And yes, I had far too much fun inverting everything.

So, if you have managed to come across this page, you must be looking for some information on my short stories.

Over the years, I have accumulated a rather decent collection of random short stories. Most of the ones posted on here are from quite a few classes I have attended throughout college, but there are a few I have posted that have never been found outside of my notebooks. Some of the stories included here are first drafts of novels, or short stories that have evolved past their intended state (please note that this happens a lot).

I am currently in the process of creating a flash reader for all of my short stories. Once that is done I will be posting Divergence, Music from Another Room, and Bonds for your viewing pleasure! If you would like to read some of my short stories, please click this link to the previous incarnation of this website, where you will find an older version of my flash reader.