My name is Tania Richter. I am a work-in-progress author residing in the Minneapolis area. Having been writing since I was in elementary school, I have amassed a large collection of work-in-progress short stories and novels, which I'm working towards having published. My works are focused in the fantasy genre, and tend to spread across epic fantasy and swords and sorcery styles, often with a bit of urban fantasy thrown in.

I am also a proud alumni member of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honors Society, and I try to make it out to the annual conventions as I am able. At the Portland convention in 2013, I will be presenting a class on Fantasy World Building along with an excerpt from my book-in-progress, Resonance. If you're there, make sure to stop by the registration desk and say hi!

I am also a knitter, and make appearances at many local sci-fi/fantasy conventions selling specialty animal and character hats under the name of Epic Hats. I'm a part of a small group of crafters who sell at conventions together, so you will also be able to find me at tables for The Crafty Business.

In my spare time, I enjoy writing, playing video games, listening to music, drawing, biking, reading, and playing various musical instruments. Some of my favorite games include Chrono Trigger, Pokemon, Oblivion, League of Legends, and 999, while some of my favorite songs are from groups such as Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts, Avantasia, Nobuo Uematsu, Maria Schneider, Motoi Sakuraba, and Yasunori Mitsuda. I mainly read and write fantasy, and play instruments in the woodwind family with the Bb clarinet being my primary instrument.

Photo of Tania Richter