What begins with Divergence will end in Resonance...

Estevan Kira-Astor is a college student studying Architecture at Treeka University. He wakes up one day and realizes that somehow he has lost all memories of his dreams. Sensing something is wrong, he then forces himself to discover the truth behind his lost memories.

Estevan's Sigil

A bit of backstory~

Resonance, as the full book is called, began simply as Divergence. Estevan, the main character, realizes that he can't remember his dreams. He then goes into a dream and challenges an entity known as Sindisi, and dies in the process, all in an attempt to remember what it is that he forgot. He has no clue why he is doing what he is doing, he simply forces himself to push forward. The story was short, a mere 12 page document, and left a lot of things unanswered. I decided to answer some of those questions and expand the story.

Divergence was originally going to be a short story, and was supposed to remain that way, simple and unattached to any other writing I had created. And then I wrote a single sentence that not only connected it to every other novel I have worked on, but made this story a massive turning point for the entire series.

That was when Divergence evolved, and I realized that the story didn't end with Estevan climbing the tower to face Sindisi. It ended with Estevan regaining his forgotten memories and realizing the goal hidden deep within them. Suddenly, my little short story evolved into a full-fledged novel.

I'm admittedly bad at novel write-ups, so I will let this story speak for itself. At the start of the Kickstarter I will be putting up the first section of the novel for all to read.