Vicious Sun

I created a dragon species called the Neisti'Kegawa, or Sparkfur Dragons, for an art contest on DeviantArt. The original image link spurred me to fully flesh out a world that these creatures could live in, along with, you guessed it, story number 14. I originally wrote the first draft of Vicious Sun for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November of 2011, and I have just about re-written the entire novel during NaNoWriMo 2012. We're to the point now that I am doing a Kickstarter to raise the funds I need to publish my book and bring it to the world.

Vicious Sun takes place in the world of Triskai, where dragons rule the four classical elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Sky. This book focuses on three skyborne, dragons of air, and their struggles not only to right the wrongs of their rulers but also to escape and live beyond the tradgedies and failures that have happened throughout their lives. Their fight to bring the true form of magic back to Triskai may spell nothing but destruction, and they will wager everything to bring order back to Triskai.

Kemi is the first main character, and the star of the show. She's a skyborne of extreme magical powers, even though she was maimed early in childhood by an unknown assailant, leaving her with a permanent limp on her left side. She can outfly just about any other skyborne, and is perhaps the only skyborne in Triskai who can use the Aether element without combining spells.

Fendis is the second character we meet, and his mother died just after his birth, leaving him with unstable magical abilities and in the care of landborne, one of the dragons of earth. He is raised to learn earth magic, but his true calling is fire magic, and he is forcefully taken from his foster father as a hostage.

Mi'haia is the final main character of Vicious Sun, and is the elder of a set of twins. He was forbidden the essential spark of magic by his parents, and lives life as an outcast in the desert of his home. When he takes matters into his own talons and teaches himself magic, he is given over to be sacrificed to the sun god, but escapes when a spell sends him six years into the future.